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some of the oldest evidence for modern humans is found in ethiopia.
haimanotours takes you to all attraction areas in ethiopia.
which is widely considered the region from which homo sapiens first set out for the middle east and points beyond. tracing its roots to the 2nd millennium bce, ethiopia was a monarchy for most of its history. during the first centuries of the common era the kingdom of aksum maintained a unified civilization in the region.
ethiopia derived prestige for its uniquely successful military resistance during the late 19th-century scramble for africa, and subsequently many african nations adopted the colors of ethiopia's flag following their independence. ethiopia was the only african country to defeat a european colonial power and retain its sovereignty as an independent country. it was the first independent african member of the 20th-century league of nations and the un. in 1974, at the end of  haile selassie i's reign, power fell to a communist military junta known as the derg, backed by the soviet union, until it was defeated by the eprdf, which has ruled since about the time of the collapse of the ussr in 1991.
ethiopia is a multilingual society with around 80 ethnic groups, with the two largest being the oromo and the amhara. it is the origin of the coffee bean. ethiopia is a land of natural contrasts; with its vast fertile west, jungles, and numerous rivers, the world's hottest settlement in its north, africa's largest continuous mountain ranges and the largest cave in africa at sof omar. ethiopia has the most unesco world heritage sites in africa. ethiopia's ancient ge'ez script, also known as ethiopic, is one of the oldest alphabets still in use in the world. it shares many similarities with the armenian alphabet. the ethiopian calendar, which is seven years and about three months behind the gregorian calendar, co-exists alongside the oromo calendar. the majority of the population is christian and a third is muslim; the country is the site of the first hijra in islamic history and the oldest muslim settlement in africa at negash. a substantial population of ethiopian jews, known as beta israel, resided in ethiopia until the 1980s but most of them have since gradually emigrated to israel.
ethiopia is one of the founding members of the un, the non-aligned movement  organisation african unity, with addis ababa serving as the headquarters of the african union, the pan african chamber of commerce and industry, the uneca, african aviation training hq, the african standby force and much of global ngos focused on africa. despite being the main source of the nile, the longest river on earth, ethiopia underwent a series of famines in the 1980s, exacerbated by civil wars and adverse geopolitics. the country has begun to recover recently, and it now has the largest economy by gdp in east africa and central africa.
properties inscribed on the world heritage list (9)
aksum (1980)
fasil ghebbi, gondar region (1979)
harar jugol, the fortified historic town (2006)
konso cultural landscape (2011)
lower valley of the awash (1980)
lower valley of the omo (1980)
rock-hewn churches, lalibela (1978)
tiya (1980)

simien national park (1978)
properties submitted on the tentative list (5)
bale mountains national park (2008)
dirre sheik hussein religious, cultural and historical site (2011)
holqa sof omar: natural and cultural heritage (sof omar: caves of mystery) (2011)
gedeo mixed cultural and natural landscape (2012)
melka kunture and bachilt archaeological site (2012)



  Tips of Traveler
  Ethiopia covers an area of 1.14 million square kilometers
Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state with a great variety of languages spoken in the country
Ethiopia is in the GMT +3 hours time zone. Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar.
The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr (ETB)
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