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is a company based in Addis Ababa that offers and organizes bird watching holidays in Ethiopia by Measho Legesse certified professional and experienced birding tour leader

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The combination of history, stunning scenery, and above all a fascinating and easily accessible wildlife makes Ethiopia a superb destination for a birdwatching tour

To find some of Ethiopia's most sought after endemics such as the fabled Ruspoli's Turaco and enigmatic Stresemann's Bush Crow, we will venture to remote corners of this ancient land (close to the Somali frontier at Bogol Manyo and the Kenyan border at Yabello). In these significantly drier habitats of southern Ethiopia, we will be searching for birds unique to this region including White-tailed Swallow, Sidamo Lark, White-winged Collared-Dove, Red-naped Bushshrike and Juba Weaver